I’ve got a blog….

So I’ve finally gone and done it, started a blog. I knew it would happen eventually, and here it is. My life is whimsical, I feel blessed to live the life I do. It’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, but I think I live a pretty good life. I’ve been crazy places, done crazy things.  There’s always a new chapter just around the bend.  This is the beginning of a new one perhaps….

I’ve started a garden, well, my sister Becky and I are starting it together.  It’s called “Lucky Shoe” as it’s on a old horse farm, (it’s he and her hubbys property) horse shoes are everywhere,  and I think in general I live a pretty lucky life.  Oh yea, the day we broke ground, about 5 minutes in I turned to her and said “I feel like there’s a 4 leaf clover here waiting to be found”…..20 minutes later I screamed. I got that feeling, that “look down and to your left feeling”, so I did, and I found a 4leaf clover. (that was my 2nd 4leaf clover to date) Our goal is to grow all the vegetables we eat. Also want to can, jam, freeze, and pickle. I cannot wait to start pickling!  Another pipe dream I have (which she is totally all for) is to turn an old trailer on the property into a chicken coop. I can’t wait to do that!

I’m on the “Board of Directors” for this awesome new thing called “Hudson Valley Baking Society.” I am psyched, I love it! It’s a fantastic group of individuals all with a common love for their community and for baking. It is still in the beginning stages, but it is growing by leaps and bounds and I am thrilled to be a part of it!

Last night  I met with the photographer who will be doing my hair, makeup and photos for my entries into the “Nudie Foodie” contest, because I REALLY want to be in the 2nd book, and who doesn’t love to strip and play with food?!?!

I’ve started compiling my recipes, my all time greatest……because……I’ve got plans for them…..home based business for now…..but there’s a little birdie that has plans for a bakery in a few years……

As you can see, my burners are pretty full, and I love it.

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