Strawberry Vodka, it’s THAT good!

It’s Sunday night, it’s been a productive and seemingly long weekend, even though it flew by. I got a ton of stuff done! The endless laundry that piled up while I was off shooting pics for the “Nudie Foodie” contest, gave the Mud Room a makeover (daunting as I hate spiders and the Mud Room is always full of them), cleaned the house bot to tottom, and almost finished the backyard, tearing up, leveling, making a garden spot, tanning spot, etc. (it’s been a month long process all done by hand) and that actually took up most of today. So with all the hard work this weekend, I felt it was necessary to reward myself! Although looking at it written out it doesn’t sound like as much work as it actually was, so you’ll have to take my word on it.

Last week I saw a great link posted by “Food in Jars” talking about something called “Strawberry Vodka.” As it so happened I had just been strawberry picking with Brandy, aka “Nutmeg Nanny” and Samantha aka “Sweet Remedy.”

 I love Strawberries, I enjoy vodka….I had a plethora of fresh berries so it wasn’t really an option, I HAD to make the vodka! The hardest part was the waiting, 7 days, it seemed like an eternity. And each day I had to “gently swirl” the jar, which was basically like teasing, because I couldn’t have it yet. Needless to say it was worth the wait.

But it gets better……

A friend and I have been chatting about limoncello recently, I love limoncello, always have. It’s magical, and somehow I always have magical things happen when I drink it. Yesterday I set out to find a bottle, 5 stores later I still hadn’t found the one I wanted, however the last shop I came upon had one that looked better than the rest; and their logo is a 4 leaf clover, so well i kinda had to get it there, because, well, if you know me you know why. Into the freezer it went!

And then it turned into the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted, Strawcellovodka only because I haven’t thought of anything better. It’s about 3/4 of a shot of Linomcello, and 3/4shot of the Strawberry Vodka, both chilled, no ice, no mixer.  And it is divine heavenly perfection!!!!!!

Recipe straight from the blog of David Lebovitz!

Strawberry Vodka, makes about 1Qt

One bottle (750ml) vodka, I used a middle of the line vodka, Svedka

2 pints (about 1 1 /4 pounds) strawberries, organic or locally picked or bought

1. Rinse, hull, and slice the strawberries and put  in a glass jar with lid. Add vodka, cover, and shake the jar.

2. Store in cool, dark place (such as a kitchen cabinet or closet) for 5 to 7 days, swirl around once a day.

3. After 5 to 7 days, strain with cheese cloth or a fine mess strainer.

4. Store in a bottle or mason jar and use as you like!


8 thoughts on “Strawberry Vodka, it’s THAT good!

    • You should definitely try making it! I’m going to make some more….speaking of, I better do it before I run out! I literally just tweeted you about getting together before I saw your comment! 🙂

  1. It looks wonderful. I have made my own vanilla extract before and you have to swirl the bottle every now and then, but it was weeks until it was ready. But now I have a bottle with vodka and always plop my vanilla beans in it that I’ve scraped for a recipe. It works with coffee beans too if you like coffee flavor raspberries are good too. I will have to try it with the limoncello! Great idea!

    • Thank you. Vanilla Extract is my next project. Putting it in Vodka….now THAT just gave me an idea for something new to try……. 🙂 What did you use for your extract? Raspberries are next up in the berry category, did you break them up or leave them whole? Definitely try the Limoncello, it’s delicious! 😀

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