Barefoot in the dirt….

I garden barefoot, I love it.  I love the dirt between my toes, up to my elbows, I don’t even wear gloves anymore. I love feeling the dirt, love feeling connected. So I’ve been working on the backyard, it was ridiculously uneven, we are talking about an 8″ slope down, and when trying to tan…..yea, let’s just say there was a lot of my flipping backward last year.  So I decided to rip up the backyard, level it out, add a garden, (for things I use every day, rather than having to run to the big garden)  a little area for the firepit, and planting grass  to give me a nice tanning area.  All of this is being done by hand, so it’s taken a few months, but its almost done now!

I didn’t think to start taking pics from the very beginning, but I thought of it not too far in.  
Day by day, a little more Almost done tearing it up My containers, herbs, lettuces, beans, and peas So I outlined the three sections, tamped down the section that would be for tanning, and set to work putting in the garden. Setting bricks is not as easy as I thought it would be. They settle, they squish, they move, and oh yea, the ground is NOT even!!All ripped up, and a spot for the garden Starting the bricks, too shallow this time. Had to rip out and restart.Trying to get it right.Setting in the bricks
It’s getting there
Three Sides DoneTotally uneven!
I look at these pics, and I am really proud of it all.  All this was done by hand!! Once the garden was set in place in transplanted some tomatoes, cucumbers, long neck squash, thai hot peppers, and a bunch of lettuce!!! I love salad, so if I can eat it every day that’s awesome! So now here in the backyard I’ve got containers, and a mini garden, to supplement when I don’t have the time to run over to Lucky Shoe.  So here is the final product..

"Organically Enriched" soil, AKA It's full of S#^t!!!Babies are in!!!!

Everything in, plus 2 rows of lettuce seeds!Lettuce BabiesGreen Bean Babies



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