Pruning…….maybe that’s what it’s really all about….

I don’t always understand life, sometimes it takes me a time, or two, or 4 years, to learn something. I get frustrated a lot, life sometimes seems “too rough”, seems like all the shit storms seems to fall, “life sucks” blah blah blah. I’ve been playing catch up this week, my to-do list far outweighs my time; today’s goal was to catch up on the garden work. I should have harvested lettuce yesterday, and the basil needed to be thinned, weeding, the list goes on and on.

So I went out there, first harvested the lettuce, then went on to thin the basil.  And it hit me, I haven’t been pruning. I’ve been wondering why I have this thriving garden, but something just doesn’t seem right. And my tomato isn’t getting red. It’s big, but isn’t getting red, and that’s been bothering me. And then talking to my sister, earlier and she tells me all out Tomatoes over at Lucky Shoe aka the big garden, they aren’t getting red either. The plants aren’t getting the sun they need, I haven’t pruned them at all. Not one bit. Not in the backyard little garden, not in the big lucky shoe garden, nothing.

I shifted from the containers to the garden, and went at it pruning. Trimming away the fruitless tomato branches, the leaves blocking the sun, the first leaves before the true leaves that I never cut but should have. I called my sister and put her on speaker so I could keep working and was like “I got it!!!! We need to prune!!!”  “If we want our plants to flourish and thrive we have to prune!!”

Basil Mid Thinning...

I don’t know how I had forgotten something so basic? And then I thought maybe that’s what  life’s like. Maybe we get “pruned” maybe we have to get cut and chopped down to size in order to flourish? Maybe all the bad and stressful stuff  is really just us getting pruned??? That’s gotta be it right? We need to be pruned in order to be fruitful and do good things and have a good life. The pruning is what makes us who we are… least that’s what I’m gonna tell myself this week!

Maybe life isn’t meant to be easy? Maybe the people who get handed everything and have it easy are actually really missing out on it all? Maybe it takes us getting pruned to really know what it’s all about?? In the words of Feist, “I feel it all”, …..and I love it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pruning…….maybe that’s what it’s really all about….

  1. I really like this. As a serious gardener, I consider pruning an art-form (organic sculpting) and you are so right. Sometimes we grow habits at awkward angles and in places that really don’t work for us and something needs to clip them off so we grow lush and full again.

    I really, really like this. Great metaphor.

    • Thank you Mage! You kind words mean the world to me. There definitely is an art to it. (having the eye to know what to cut and what to leave, heheh no pun intended.) It can be difficult at first, cutting these beautiful “babies” that I started from seeds, watching them grow and flourish, only to have to cut them down to size because it is what they need, just like with us sometimes. 🙂

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