Food, Fun and Family at the Fair

A few weeks ago was the Dutchess County Fair, the event that comes around once a year, and  signifies both what an amazing, bountiful, historical, and beautiful area we live in, as well as the end of summer. Plus it is prime people watching, one of my favorite things to do, yes I know, it’s not nice, oh well.  When I was growing up I worked the fair, it was non stop ass busting work, but damn was it worth it!

For the first time EVER we all got to go together, on the same day, yes, ALL of us. Well everyone but Danny and Jason, my two older brothers, and Ben and Jerry (Cousin and Uncle respectively) Ok, so ALMOST everyone went.

We had a great time, spent the entire day and night there! Even the guys were able to come up when they got done with work, it was really fantastic! Taylor and Olivia lasted the entire day!!!! As always, its great running into old friends at the fair, but of course, we really all just go for the food! Tempura Veggies, French Fries, Fried Oreos, Cheese Steak Sandwiches, and the best thing of all……… Chef Elias TEXAS PARFAIT!!!!!!!!! All I can say about that is WOW! Brisket, coleslaw, pulled pork, mashed potatoes, a spare rib and a plethora of BBQ Sauce!!!! It’s like sex for the mouth!

I actually went twice, Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday was with family, and Wednesday Jenn and I went and saw REO Speedwagon! Yep, they are STILL rockin it!

Oh, we even got to see a baby calf be born!!! Talk about beautiful. My sister and I were actually crying, it was really that beautiful.  Here is the video of the birth, and the pictures from our adventures at the 166th Dutchess County Fair! Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Food, Fun and Family at the Fair

    • Thanks Brandy! you can live vicariously through my pics 😉
      So sad that you didn’t make it, it was great this year. And so unfortunate it had to close early. I think I might be more sad i think that you didn’t get a Texas Parfait!!! You and A would have loved it! And I feel so luck to have witnessed the birth. It was beyond beautiful. I held my breath when it wasn’t moving, and cried when it started to breath and move. The miracle of life. 🙂

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