State of the Garden Address.

It is now October, but being that is eighty-five degrees today one would never know that!  However, last week was indeed cold enough to kill off all the peas, and this was quite sad indeed.  The Cucumbers, Squash and Zucchini were all awash, literally, after “Hurricane Irene” and I made peace with that then.  The tomatoes over at lucky shoe are pretty well finished, I need to take the stakes out of the ground.  the pictures below are lucky shoe in the beginning.  As for the clover, that is the second 4leaf  clover I have ever found. It took me 29years to find my first, and that one now resides in a cookbook in California. It  moved by accident; but that is a story for another time. 😉

The Tomatoes continued to bear fruit up until the other day when I harvested the last of the beautiful Green Tomatoes we’ve been getting.  They actually will be taking a short trip to a friend’s house in Baltimore where I belive they will be fried, yes more food porn.  The Lettuce produced its last harvestable leaves about two weeks ago. The basil is pretty well done and gone to seed.  I put most of it into a basil bouquet for my friends parents when we went up to stomp grapes for wine making.  I WILL indeed write a post about that, but those pictures are on my laptop, which is currently half dead but being revived, ahh yes it’s been fun here lately.  PS: (these two pics below  here were taken an hour apart (plants are side by side though)….amazing how the weather changes)

The purple green beans never got bigger than about 3 inches long, maybe it’s just me, but I expected them to be bigger…yes yes folks, let’s hear the comments… Regular Green Beans are doing great, even if I only get a handful at a time. Just as an FYI for everyone,  “Kentucky Wonder” not such a great wondrous varietal, however they are large!  The carrots are thriving, and the peppers are doing really well! Seriously, the Jalapeno and Thai hot peppers are doing the best they’ve done all year, I am floored!

My "harvest"

This was Riley's reaction, when all I came in with was one handful of beans

Lessons learned….start earlier!  I did 148 tomato seedlings, 148 pepper seedlings, 40 onion seedlings, and 32 carrot seedlings. Those were all started indoors around April, the only seedlings that actually survived and were able to be planted were the tomatoes. The peppers  did wonderfully and then died for no apparent reason, oh except the half that never ever sprouted! (Hello heartbreak)  The onion and carrots never got anywhere at all.  Maybe this year I will invest in some grow lamps, bringing them in and out every day and night was not so successful.  (now all those are what was planted indoor as seedlings, NOT what I planted directly into the ground) The seeds I planted directly in the ground in May/June are what is currently doing great, just very very late in the season, so again, best start earlier!  Also, I learned I need to make sure I read the packets carefully. I thought I was planting seeds for lettuce heads in the lettuce row, but it was actually more cutting lettuce, so I had no actual heads. Which I really wanted. I thought I was planting buttercrisp, but it wasn’t, too many late nights planting!

Seedlings sprouting

Tomato Babies

Carrots and Lettuce, early stages

And my favorite garden lesson, is still of course “Pruning”, whether I like it or not, and I don’t, I still can’t fathom it, but it’s required and works.  So that’s where the garden is now…..almost done. Not as thriving  and lush as I hoped for it,  but a semi productive season and most definitely not a total loss.  The plan this year is to start in the next few weeks to prepare for next year…..we’ll see what happens….


12 thoughts on “State of the Garden Address.

  1. You had much better luck with your garden than we did! I spoke with many of my local gardening buddies, and all agree this year was hit-or-miss. I heard the same from my French family members in France…talk about global!

    • WOW, that is amazing Sophie!!!! Talk about global for real!!! On a fantastic note I came home and went out to work in the garden and harvest the last bit of lettuce and it ended up being an entire bowl full!!!!!! Lots of the leaves were hidden by the carrot greens!!! A whole new harvest!!!! I got enough lettuce for a salad, a bunch of carrots (still babies but a few were edible) and 2 jalepanos!!!!

  2. You are so lucky to have your own garden! I do what I can with my tiny balcony… so I have almost only herbs, but I sometimes dream of a big garden on the top of our building 🙂
    Good luck with your future harvests!

  3. sounds like you did pretty well 🙂
    ugh..I don’t even wanna think about our garden..the spousal unit is the one with the green thumb here.. I would MUCH rather support local farmers than get my own hands dirty haaa
    I have to admit our garden was seriously neglected this year thanks to all the rain..and subsequent MOSQUITOES!! ..but we did do really well with the striped german tomatoes..actually they were so crazy that the stakes were we got MUCH stronger ones and THOSE started bending..and BREAKING!! …the thai hot peppers were insane too!!
    and yeah..pruning is the key :/

    • Well, I LOVE getting dirty…umm yea go ahead and take that any way you want lol. But seriously, I LOVE working in the dirt, if you want help with your garden let me know, I would be happy to help you.
      The mosquitos were so bad this year, The worst EVER!!!! WOW, your tomatoes sound insane!!!! Did you take pics of the tomatoes? I would love to see them!
      Ahhh pruning…..did you see my post on that??? Not my favorite subject, but so appropo!
      PS, I’m going to write your hubby back tonight, been a crazy 24hours.

  4. haha well there is a difference between DIRT and DIRTY!! …dirty I like..dirt not so much 😉
    but really the garden issue for me is not so much the dirt…it’s the sun..I do NOT like the sun!! …people usually call me vampira haa ..add in the humidity and forget it…I don’t usually leave the AC from June – October heh!
    I’ll go out and water…and if I’m up early enough I’ll do some weeding..but the pruning and staking is ALL him!! …pruning ain’t my thing either :/
    I took a pic of a tomato just before I made a sammich out of it..and of course a pic of the sammich…they were AWESOME!! …I can’t believe I didn’t get a pic of the plants…they were ridiculous!!

    • ummmm I like both……. but that’s a post for another time, or wait, did I already write that one????

      WHAT?!?!! You don’t like the sun?!?!?!! OMG, our first non similarity, I WORSHIP the sun!!!!!!!

      How did you not get a pic of the plants?! I see what the priorities are 😉

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