“Glow Jars” How did we not think of this as kids??

Growing up, “Glow Sticks”  were about the coolest thing ever, after Atari of course!  The other night I was working on the facebook page for the blog  (If you haven’t liked it yet go and like it here!) and I came across the coolest post. It was from Sweet Art Supplies, they had actually “shared” it from lil blue boo and I was awestruck, how had we never thought to pop them open?!!?! 

Green Jar was cut open then poured in, cracked just at the end to get the rest out. The blue jar was cracked entirely, shook and then poured in.

Please pardon the awful pics. The crackberry isn’t so great with the closeups and the laptop is still getting worked on so I can’t upload pictures. (Oh how I miss my laptop!)

Spaced out a bit

 I tried doing it a few different ways. Added water, added ice, shook, didn’t shake, cracked didn’t crack. The winner was just cutting the top and pouring it in.  And then cracking the remaining glowing love in the stick until it pours out and into the jar.  Regardless of your stick emptying method, just remember to shake the jar well once it is tightly closed.

Entirely cracked and poured in, the first trial

Ice is not a good thing to add!All of these were done with one stick at a time, I didn't mix any colors, but that would make an excellent project to do with your kiddies!!! Last night I made glow jars with Taylor and Olivia and they loved them. Although Olivia enjoyed them more than Taylor did, but she's also a little older.Water isn't so great either!

I keep all glass jars that I use (rather than tossing or sending them to the recycling plant. They come in handy for all sorts of things, (Overnight Oats, soup or sauce leftovers, rice storage)  but if you don’t have any you could just go to your local Agway or Farm store and pick up some Ball Canning Jars. 
 This is a super easy and safe craft for kids. And just in time for Halloween!!! You could easily tie a string or ribbon around the lip of the jar (Or glue it  around lid) for easy carrying.  It’s a fantastic alternative to candle lit walkways as well, and much safer than open flames. And unlike “fire” kids can handle it themselves!! 

13 thoughts on ““Glow Jars” How did we not think of this as kids??

    • It’s hard to say, I pretty much figured about the duration of a typical glow stick; several hours.

      See, it’s hard to say becuase SOMEONE decide to be a nasty wench and throw the jars out last night……. As always (which I really should freaking stop) I took the high road and didn’t tell her I’d be happy to meet with her kind next tuesday…..but I did stand my ground and tell her they were non toxic and and that there was no need to be as nasty as she was. She might as well thrown piles of shit at the fan.

      I digress…. Whatever, she wants to be a nasty bitch then she can go on with her bad ass frigid self! Thank god my brother married the nice sweet and kind sister and not the one with the broom stick up her ass!

      So, I’d say 3-4hours, possibly more, but 3-4 strong hours! 😀

  1. I saw this when you first posted it thought it was way cool!! Easy answer, we never opened them cuz we, and any ‘rent no doubt, thought it was toxic. My big question is how long do they last for???? I’m thinking of having some set up around the dinning room at work or along the walkway if they last long enough. Would look so cool if i can find purple and orange, and maybe green.

  2. LOL. When we were young we used to drip the chem lights ‘glow stick’ from the ceiling into a pan of water beneath. The splash effect made for a great show. 😉
    But it will discolor your walls ever so slightly. We were young. We didn’t care.
    The lantern idea is a good one. Might try that out on my daughter. The dollar store is a good place to pick these up.

    • That sounds really cool Christine!! Thank you for sharing! Yea I can imagine after a while there might be some residue, but well worth it I’m sure 😉

      You should definitely try the lanterns. Small jam jars are perfect sized for this, or double up if its a bigger jar. And yes, dollar store will definitely have them this time of year! 🙂

  3. I so wanna do this!! …the question is should I wait till my niece is around so I have an excuse to play..or should I just say fuck it and do it myself? hehehe

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