Hobos, aka super easy, no mess, good eats! (Best “bachelor” dinner ever!)

Ready to eat!

What are hobos many are asking…..well hobos are quite possibly the best thing to happen to the home cook since Better Homes and Gardens, or Martha Stewart, or even good  butter already in its own little butter dish! They are the essence of quick, easy, and no fuss cooking that also happen to taste really good. Now, we aren’t talking haute cuisine here, though you could definitely throw in some shredded duck, gouda and hericot verts. I’m talking quick and easy down home “Taste of Home” style cooking. And they are delicious, so I see nothing wrong with that!

(And again, pardon the crackberry pics, I’m sorry I’m sorry, still can’t upload the camera pics….using the crackberry)

Fresh From The Oven

I still remember the first time I had hobos….we were out of town visiting some friends of the family, oh I must have been about 12 or so.  Suzie (that’s who we were visiting) was all about  simple easy cooking, and she made these things called hobos (she also made this killer white lasagna I’ve never been able to duplicate)…they were delicious, and quite possible the simplest meal ever made, we all loved them. And thus, my love affair with Hobos (gee that sounds weird) was born.

The grease from the cheese separated out a bit 😦

You can make them any way you want really, beef, chicken, pork, tofu, you name it. Just pick your protein, veggies, and seasoning. For this instance I did ground beef, potatoes and cheese, but you seriously can use whatever your heart desires.

potatoes spread outI did make one HUGE mistake..... I ran out of tinfoil!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally went to make the hobos, and had NO tinfoil! Only Parchment Paper. And while parchment is GREAT for baking cookies, it just doesn't do the trick for Hobos! IT seemed to not keep the moisture in as good as foil does. (ok so the meat was a little dry...) and it cooked MUCH faster than usual.....don't get me wrong, they still tasted GREAT, just knowing how they usually are, it was a little off.Assembled and ready to bake!The pictures kind of go in reverse order, but you can get the idea. You literally can make ANYTHING you want!!!! I don't usually use this much cheese, but someone was in a cheesy mood.Packets in the oven

Some flavor ideas are:
Chicken, carrots, and gouda
Ground beef, red peppers, thyme and mozz
Boneless pork chops, cauliflower, rosemary and cheddar
Ground beef, potatoes and ANY kind of cheese
TOFU, lemongrass, carrots and peanut sauce (yes KERRY that one is for YOU!!)
Chicken breast, green beans, red onion, feta and a touch of greek dressing.
Chicken, broccoli and cheese
Tofu, soy sauce, baby corn and carrots
Boneless pork shops and sweet potato
And as hunting season approaches… VENISON!!! If you need flavor ideas to pair with Venison, check out Brandi’s recipe box!
Ok, so those are just a few random ideas, but you get the picture, you can basically do anything you want!
The “rules” are simple really…
Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Decide (most likely ahead of time) what kind of hobos you want to make
Season your ingredients how you like them (S&P, seasoned salt, grinder, whatever)
Assemble (veggies on bottom, protein on top)
Roll up packet (same method as with the beets)
Bake for 35-40 minutes
Take out, rest for 5 minutes
Throw out the foil, eat and enjoy!
OH! You could also use brown rice, just make sure it’s the par or already cooked kind, and throw it in cold, it will warm up and soak up the flavors of the protein and spices you are using. Steamfresh by Birds Eye makes a brown rice you can find in the freezer section, (there’s no bad ingredients I swear!) and just cut open the bag and portion it out as you like.  Seriously, it’s really that simple! If you have any questions let me know!

18 thoughts on “Hobos, aka super easy, no mess, good eats! (Best “bachelor” dinner ever!)

  1. Quite incredible. This was just like a meal we made at Camp Whipoorwill though the best part for me was using my nifty silver Girl Scout mess kit 🙂 Love the tofu inclusion and don’t think I won’t make it! Now the only challenge is finding the most appropriate cocktail.

    • A Girl Scout mess kit??? What is that? It sounds cool! I hope you do make it, I thought of it especially for you 🙂

      Gin, it’s ALWAYS Gin Kerry!!!! hehehehe Something with Gin and Ginger perhaps? Maybe some crystallized mango on the rim?

  2. Hi Jess! Nice n’ easy-peasy recipe, I bet you could make your packages ahead of time (like a day or two) and pop them in the oven when you’re ready to cook. Also, all rice freezes well once cooked. It’s cheaper than buying the bagged stuff and you can make your own rice combinations.

    • Hi Sophie! Making ahead is a great idea! I will definitely have to give that a try, good thinkin! I didn’t know that rice freezes well, that is great to know, and I will definitely utilize that now! I only eat brown rice, which can take forever to cook, sometimes too long, so that is spectacular! Whooohoooo, hello time saving tip!!!! Thanks Sophie!

  3. Thank you for all these wonderful ideas! I have completely forgotten the existence of this way of baking and haven’t made it for so many years (and I didn’t know they were called hobos! they are called “papillotes” in French). I would have never thought of so many combinations. The only thing I baked in “papillotes/hobos” were fish fillets and vegetables.

    • You are welcome Sissi! It’s been a while for me too. The French name sounds so lovely, doesn’t everything sound better in French? I usually keep it basic meat and potatoes, but thought I would try and spark people’s imaginations and think a little further. Fish! I didn’t even think to include Fish in the list, 😮 Thank you for the reminder!
      It’s always great being reminded of the simple things in the kitchen. Especially when there’s no scrubbing of baking pans involved! 😉

  4. yummmmm…meat, potatoes, CHEESE..yeah!!
    I saw on pinterest recently how you can do baked potatoes in the crock pot…if you can do that I bet you can do these that way too…then they’d be all ready for ya when ya get home!

    for some reason this has reminded me of something my mother used to make in her store…it was a fish dish (trout, maybe?) …with spinach and cheese..which by all rights SHOULD have been disgusting..but it was super yummy…I bet this would work well like a hobo as well..with rice

    I just recently got on board with the brown rice – I used to absolutely hate brown rice..now I actually even order it with my chinese food…I also get this great brown and wild rice at Mother Earth’s…so yummy!!

    • I saw that SAME pin!! I bet you are right, could put these in there too! Just make sure they are flat so they don’t leak. They get juicy!

      I love spinach and cheese, but trout ehhhh not so much, but spinach cheese and chicken sound AWESOME!!!!!!!! 😀 What kind of store did your mom have? If you scroll down there’s some interesting rice info 🙂

      Ah yes, I LOVE brown rice, used to hate it (the similarities continue) have you ever had Lundberg rices?? AMAZING!!! What kind do you get at Mother Earths?

  5. my crock pot has a metal rack for roasting or elevating things off the bottom..I’ve never used it but that would probably do the trick for these…
    and I’m with you on the trout (mostly) although McEnroe’s (organic farm..in Millerton) does this smoked trout mousse that is out of this world!!
    after thinking about it for a bit though, I realized the fish dish I’m thinking of wasn’t trout at all..it was sole…normally I am not a fan of flaky white fishes..OR fish with cheese…but this stuff rocked!

    it was spinach, white wine and I think swiss cheese…and other seasonings of course..I’ll try to get the recipe…you could totally do it with chicken!!

  6. can’t be THAT high tech…this crock pot belonged to my grandmother..it’s got to be from the 70’s…at least!! it was brand new, still in the box..in her basement (she had all the ‘latest’ gadgets but never used them haa) –it also has a metal pan/pot thingy with a locking lid…so that you can bake cakes and stuff..I’ve never used that either though
    I’ll take pics…it’s neat!

  7. Jessica, these look great. Definately a comfort food. When we camped with Cub Scouts, we’d make breakfast potatoes with bacon this way. We called them Pocket meals. I haven’t made them in forever, maybe it’s time to bring them back. Thanks for sharing them on the Our Little Family Adventure Facebook Link Party.

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