Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming….it’s actually practically here already. Scary right? Have you finished your holiday preparations? I know I haven’t :-0 !  In thinking about what to get people, I always have that age old internal debate; “to make or to buy.” It is a tough one, I most definitely prefer to make Christmas gifts, or if I do purchase, get one that is custom made. I once gave someone a custom flask with their favorite picture “glazed” onto it. It is by far, even still to this day, the single best gift I ever came up with. Bloody fantastic if I say so myself. 😉

So this morning we were chatting on the Green Skies and Sugar Trips facebook page about what people were making or wanting to make and the question came up “what  things that can be made before Christmas, and would be quick and easy but still a great gift?” So with that in mind I set out tonight to find the best of the spectacular DIY gift ideas available on the internet. And here is what I came up with. But please, feel free to add more, I would love to hear your ideas!  *** All photos below are not mine and have been taken directly from the websites I found the recipes/ideas on;  clicking on them will take you directly to the link for that item.

Sugar and Spice Candied Nuts, From “Smitten Kitchen” (A delicious and healthy gift idea)

Sugar and Spice Candied Nuts, Photo by Smitten Kitchen

This is a GREAT idea!!! You could easily make the nuts in a HUGE batch, and then package them in mason jars, or if you want to do smaller portions, those great little candy containers you can find at Michaels Craft Stores.  Then label using a blank label  and a festive sharpie or print out labels on your home computer for an even more “Martha” look. (We ALL love the Martha look)

Chocolate Mint Scrub, From Healthy Green Kitchen

Chocolate Mint Scrub, Photo by Healthy Green Kitchen

Winnie is the magic behind Healthy Green Kitchen. She is a dear friend and a wonderful woman. A really lovely and kind soul; as well as an all around just awesome person. A great sense of humor but also quiet and reflective. She (like Barb I mention below) inspires me. Winnie Rocks! 🙂  Now bak to the scrub. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a sugar scrub? The way they leave our skin feeling smooth and soft, and like we ACTUALLY spent some time on ourselves for once…. Oh wait, these are gift ideas for others…. No really, this is a great gift idea for your girlfriends, sisters, mother, any female (or a male in touch with his feminine side) who needs a little TLC. Or make it and keep some for yourself. 😉 

Cranberry Vodka, From The Food Channel


It really doesn’t get much easier or seasonal than this. And you have just over 2 weeks left to make it, so if you start this weekend it will be ready just in time for Christmas. Cranberries, Vodka and a bottle, that is really all you need. Not sure where to get a bottle? Head over to Michael’s Crafts, they have tons of bottles to choose from, or even homegoods. A solid gift that is sure to please.

Chocolate Candy Cane Marshmellows, from “A Field Journal”

Does this really even need a description?? Marshmellows, Candy Canes and Chocolate, and they even give you a link to print out the label! And again, head over to Michael’s Craft Store for the baggies or a container to put them in.

Coffee Liqueur, From Creative Culinary

How to make coffee liqueur, Photo by Creative Culinary

If you like Kahlua then you will LOVE this! Barb is not only a genius when it comes to all things edible, she is also an amazing woman and inspiration to me. This will not be ready to give by Christmas, by in the spirit of honesty, who do you really love enough to share something this amazing with?  Probably the only people you also love enough to cook for. So make this now, and in a month or so have a dinner party and serve it! And take a look at Barb’s site while you are there, she is a wealth of knowledge.

Homemade Vanilla, From Simply Recipes

Photo from Simply Recipes

Homemade Vanilla is another classic gift, you just can’t go wrong with it. And though it won’t be ready to use if you give it for Christmas, just include a little tag with instructions on how to care for it until it matures, and voila! If you decide to make this for a later gift date, then check here for a great packaging idea, complete with labels.

These are just a few ideas, there are tons more out there. Poke around on the websites these are from and you will find ever more. Or search Pinterest, there are thousands there!!!!! But I definitely have some ideas now on quick things I can make!

PS, Michael’s Crafts has no clue who I am, I just love the store and get most of my supplies and crafy things there cause its like Disneyland for me, it’s almost as great as Warren Cutlery 😉


6 thoughts on “Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

    • You are welcome Barb, thank YOU for making such amazing things all the time and sharing them with all of us. 🙂
      hehehehe that’s just quality control Barb; you were simply just making sure the product was maturing properly 😉

  1. thanks so much sis! those have given me some great ideas to work around the things i already have! next year let me know in advance i have LOTS of great recipes for kitchen and bathroom but-grin- i dont want to spoil any suprises. so cant have em yet! also!? local thrift/used stores are a great place to find lovely old glass containers to repurpose for a unique personal touch! love you lots!

    • Welcome luv! yay, glad you like them!!! I totally hadn’t thought of this sooner, I wish I had! Thankfully our sister Becky prompted this post 🙂 Next year I’ll start sooner. Oh yes, thrift stores are a great idea. YOU beautiful are a genius!!!!! ❤ love you 🙂

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