Chicken Scampi, a cooking disaster

I don’t always make perfection (although usually I do), sometimes I make huge mistakes and it’s just a huge bust!  At the suggestion of my sister I am blogging about my recent culinary disaster.  A few weeks ago I went out to dinner at Vigneto Cafe in Highland, and as is typical in our family, someone (who happens to not be a female) tasted something REALLY good and  followed it up by turning to me and saying “I bet you can’t make this.”  In our family that is man code for “Jess you should make this because I want it again!”  Anyone who knows me, knows how I would respond to that, “Are you kidding me? Of course I can make that! I can make anything!!!!!”

Delicious Roux

I went about scouring the internet for chicken scampi recipes, I made a board on pinterest titled “experimental” in which to save these recipes, and any others I plan on experimenting with in the future.  I also got some help via my friends on Facebook; I left no stone unturned in my search.  Yet when it came time to make the meal, I did not follow a recipe, go figure.  Someone was insistent on making it with grilled chicken, which completely threw off the recipe, as I knew it would! The recipe NEEDS the flour from the chicken. But sometimes ya just gotta let people make their mistakes so you can say “told you so”

Scampi Sauce and Pasta

Well, since there would be no flour from the chicken, I figured I would make a roux to replace it.  The roux was delicious, I love roux, I could live on it really.  The recipe I “used” called for lemon juice, and WOW was it overpowering!!!  DO NOT USE RECIPES WITH A LOT OF LEMON JUICE!!!!!I should have followed the recipe a friend gave me on FB, but I couldn’t find it, big mistake, I should have kept looking for it.  Well this final photo is the mess of what my sauce turned into.


Between the broken sauce and the overwhelming lemon taste, it just was a disaster, NOTHING like what we had at Vigneto.  We tried to eat it, we ate some (barely) , but come 9pm we were hungry again, so naturally I picked up the phone and called Vigneto to see if they would deliver a meat lover pie.  They did, and saved the day (well night) and no one had to go to bed hungry!

Meat Lover pizza from Vigneto


Maybe I will get lucky and one day get the recipe from, but next time I will using the Coppola Recipe from my friend Dave! If you are looking for some Scampi recipes to try, check out my experimental board on pinterest a look!  Happy Cooking!



5 thoughts on “Chicken Scampi, a cooking disaster

  1. I have broken so many scampi sauces! And I have also found many of them have way too much lemon juice as well so I can’t wait to find out what works for you 🙂 (I just love letting other people do all the legwork)

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