The making of a Kingcaketail and more of Kerry’s visit

The making of a Kingcaketail and more of Kerry’s visit

Previously I spoke of Kerry’s visit and mentioned our invention, the “kingcaketail.”  To catch you up, and well, explain the presence of a plastic baby floating in our drinks, I’ll just explain it.  A little baby Jesus get’s baked into King Cakes for Mardi Gras; whoever finds the baby Jesus in their piece of cake, they get good luck for the year.  Of course our cocktails couldn’t go without a Baby Jesus! We tried rolling him in simple syrup and then sparkles, but the sparkles didn’t stick so well. So we went with just a simple non sparkly baby Jesus, and a sparkly rock sugar rim. Which was an EXCELLENT alternate route!

Riley showing Kerry how much he missed her

A very messy baby. Clearly not the best route.

We had dreamed up this cocktail rather far in advance, so putting it together in “real life” was the icing on the king cake! I left the libation concocting to Kerry while I cooked; though for the life of me I can’t recall what I was making.  Spaghetti and broccoli, eggrolls, fried broccoli, roasted tofu? No clue. We were having SO much fun. The only downside to the marvelous weekend was we didn’t have enough time at all!! There was so much more to cook, eat and drink!  I mean, yea, sure, I suppose we could have left the house… but ummm “Aint No Body Got Time For That!”  If you’ve never heard of that before, you NEED to click that link.  And the Roi Bombs! We made these drinks, in Honor of Roi one of the most wonderful to souls to ever grace the world with his presence.  And then we drank them in memory of  Roi and my dear college friend Russell, another amazing person that left us too soon. The drinks kicked our asses.  I am sure the gentlemen got a good laugh out of THAT! We drank them, and then woke up to the credits of “Salt” rolling. We missed the entire movie. They were White Russians with a shot, or was it two shots, of Baileys. Mmmmmm so good, at least from what I remember. 😉

The rims are super easy to make, all you need is very simple syrup and a few different kinds of sugar sprinkles and sparkles.  Mix them together any way you want, and fill a bowl with them about half way.  Fill a bowl about 1/4″ deep with simple syrup, and then dip the glass in it, just like you would to salt a margarita glass. You may have to play with it a bit to get the simple syrup deep enough on the rim.  Pull the glass up and then plunge it into the sugar mix waiting in the next dish.  Move the glass around a little to evenly coat the rim and leave the glass sitting in it a few minutes to allow the sugar to really get into place. Then repeat with each glass.

Rock Candy Rims

Once the sugar and syrup hardens, it essentially turns into Rock Candy, and it is divine!  Look at the dimensions of the sugar on the rims! How cool is that?! Also, please pardon the canning jars in the background.  My kitchen has been a canning factory this year.  Also, after the KingCakeTails, BJ’s began appearing EVERYWHERE!!!  That little guy has a drinking problem.  He hopped from one glass to another like prohibition was about to start!

First he hit the gin and Tonic, huge surprise.

BJ likes Gin

And then he crashed who even know what this is!

what is he floating in?

And then we found him with what appeared to be a placenta…..

fig or placenta, you be the judge

Ok, back to the drink.  The recipe is in the picture below.  I am not going to retype it. Part of the wonderfulness of it, is that it still is as originally written by Kerry. Go ahead and give this drink a try, but don’t forget to add a proper BJ to it!

Kingcaketail recipe, original.