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Some of the questions I get asked most frequently are “How do I get stared canning?”, “What is the best place to go to for canning information, recipes, resources?”, and “What is the best book I can buy to learn to can?” I My response to that is usually quite lengthy, because there are SO many fantastic resources, books, websites, and facebook pages that you can utilize to really learn everything you need to know! And the greatest part? Most of them are FREE! Yes you can go out and buy books if you want (we all know I have a lot) but the best thing to do when starting out is use the free sources available, and learn from others. Utilize your local library! I cannot stress this enough! Local libraries are a wealth of knowledge, and their supply of books is seemingly endless. In many areas, if your most local library does not have a specific book you want, but another library in “their system” does, they will get it for you from the other library! How great is that?!

homemade pickles!

homemade pickles!

Canning can be intimidating when you first start out. To be totally honest, I was terrified of poisoning people when I started, that is actually the most common fear that I hear from people.  If you use tried and true recipes that have been tested, and follow the directions; you will have nothing to fear!

Learn to Preserve


Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen


SB Canning


Food In Jars


Canning Across America


Canning Food




Cornell Extension


The first chapter in the USDA Guide, “Principles of Canning”


The ENTIRE USDA Guide to home canning, COMPLETE pdf, ALL chapters! (you will want to print this!)


This site gives you the options to print out the above guide, chapter by chapter


Natural Center for Home Food Preservation

I will add more as I find them, but for now, these are my “go to” links! I hope this can help and happy and safe canning! And if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!


***This originally started as a note on the blog’s Facebook page, however I know not everyone is on facebook, so I wanted to share the information here as well!  ***


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