New Life For Your Leftovers!

I find it near impossible to cook for 2, which is the number of people I feed each night; therefore I always have leftovers. Unfortunately I don’t really like leftovers and that presents a problem.  I had to get creative and trick myself (and C) into thinking they weren’t leftovers! I have done several “status updates” on the facebook page about things to do with leftovers, but the problem with that is, status updates often are hard to find again when you are looking for one from months ago.  So, I created a page here on the blog to house all the great ways to reinvent your leftovers!  It will always be in the same spot, a little tab at the top of the page that simply says “Leftovers Reinvented.” when you need inspiration, head there.  When you have an idea you would like to share, head there.  If you have something I haven’t listed an idea for, leave a comment on the page, or write a post on the facebook page and I will be happy to help you out! But whatever you do, don’t toss those leftovers!

To check out the page click on the picture below!!

Welcome to the world of reinvented leftovers!

Welcome to the world of reinvented leftovers!


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