Confessions of a Foodie…..

I LOVE Gilt Taste, I really love it.  Each time it pops into my inbox a little leap of joy (or delicious insanity)  flitters through my heart.  See, Gilt Taste gets me. It gets that food is sometimes, the ultimate “get”, that it strikes a cord so deep in us that we can see a dish or ingredient once and never forget it.  It can burn in our mind like a black and white picture of Paul Newman.  Truffles, wine, cookies, danishes, fingerlimes, exotic jams, cheese baskets to die for and a plethora of other delicacies; Gilt Taste has it all.   When you enter their site,  you  feel as if you have hit the foodie jackpot.  Gilt  has a twitter, and it runs nearly 24hours a day, which is perfect for me since I get up at 4am, and they are always happy to tweet. They bring out the lusty desire for food that burns somewhere in all of us.  They coax it out, feed it, nurture it, and then, serve to it, on a silver platter, it’s most ultimate desires.

shaggy paul

shaggy paul

Today I had the brainstorm that they should have a “gilt food confessional”;  this was probably because the 4am news was talking about a new pope and I was thinking of food. Anyhow, I started thinking of some of the weirdest, most outlandish “food confessions” I have tucked away.  Buttered triscuits anyone?  Cream cheese and pretzels make my tummy sing with happiness! When I was at the CIA, we used to squirt pastry cream in our mouths at 7am. (that’s all you’re getting for now…) But, it got me thinking… if you were in a food confessional… what would your “sins” be….?  And definitely, definitely check out Gilt Taste

As a disclaimer I feel it only fair to tell you that Gilt Taste has no clue I am writing, or posting this. Aside from Twitter they have no clue who I am, and they are not in any way, bribing me with bacon to write this.  All opinions are honestly and truly 100% my own. And, just because he is so eternally hot, here is a shirtless picture of Paul Newman.

Shirtless Paul

Shirtless Paul


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