My shame spiral of snacking.

Food is wonderful, and I love it.  This is something you already know about me full well.  I like it far too much according to most US Standards. I am hungry ALL day long, seriously, I’m always hungry.  Maybe it is because I wake up at 4am each day, or maybe it is just because I like food. Either way, I always want to eat.  When I was in Highschool, if I was hungry I would chew on a stick of gum, Winter-fresh to be exact; now when I’m hungry, I eat. Talk about a change in priorities!

My favorite night time snack.

My favorite night time snack.

Here is my dilemma. I snake on things like triscuits and hummus, triscuits and peanut butter, triscuits and cheddar, pretzels, pretzels and cream cheese, or peanut butter.  Heavens help me if it’s night time, then I am a Haagen Dazs girl all the way! You see where this is heading. If I snack on an apple, I get half way through and I am bored.  I tried plain, roasted, unsalted almonds for a while, but my satisfaction level was “eh.” Maybe I should have dipped them in Hummus, or wrapped them in cheddar?

Please tell me I’m not alone in this shame spiral?!   Do you snack throughout the day, or stick strictly to eating during meal times? If you snack, what do you snack on?  I would like to alter my snacking habits, but it is just so hard, I am in dire need of some inspiration! 🙂


8 thoughts on “My shame spiral of snacking.

  1. I wish I could help you, sweetie, but I have been known to eat an entire carton of Mixed Berry whipped cream cheese, or make a HUGE dent in a carton (can’t call them half gallons anymore) of Supreme Moose Tracks ice cream…..chocolate ice cream/chocolate fudge swirls/tiny fudge cups… the evening……..Hi, I’m Linda, and I am a snacker….8-(

  2. Ah…Haagen Dazs…my personal favorite! Chocolate chocolate chip for me. In college I’d eat it an entire pint to help stay awake (I hadn’t yet started my coffee fixation). But I hear you…hard, when you’re snacking. I’m still a whole-pint girl! 🙂 That’s why I try to keep as many different healthy options around as possible. Same as Barb above, I love apples (or carrots) with peanut butter. I also keep Tamari almonds and Wasabi almonds around along with one or more of the following: sesame stick snacks, whole wheat pita chips and gruyere cheese, whole fruit/nut/seed bars, and jerky. We just got some wagyu jerky on our site that’s to die for! I guess I’m also lucky (I think) that I am often eating / tasting foods for consideration for our website…which has helped me find some great go-to snacks! Alas, its also probably helped me eat just a tad too much, ha, ha!

    • Michelle, I literally need to make a list of everything you just wrote and bring it to the store! Great ideas! Between those and the apple idea from Barb I really think I could do this! You definitely have the perfect job, and I need to try ALL your snacks. I do love sesame sticks, I haven’t had them in years, I was thinking of looking for some organic ones. Crazy confession… I have NEVER tried jerky! Crazy, right?

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