Some important reading about the food in front of us

This is a little different then my usual posts, but I am dead serious when I say this is really important. I’ll try not to go too far off the deep end here, but there is a crisis in our country when it comes to the food in front of us each day. It is a crisis of information (or lack there of), a crisis of deception on behalf of big business, and the almighty dollar.

I know where my milk comes from

I know where my milk comes from

Did you know, that recently in Iowa a judge ruled in FAVOR of keeping the ingredients of “Pink Slime” blocked from public knowledge because it would damage Beef Products Inc, the company that is producing it?  You read that right, a judge in Iowa decided that WE do not have the right to know what is going into our food because the business behind it would potentially lose money if we knew!  This is serious!!! The following is from a Huffington Post article  which you really need to read, I can’t stress it enough, read it. Know what you are buying before hand so you can make a different choice at the supermarket!

“A judge has blocked Iowa State University from releasing documents about food safety research conducted for the beef-processing company that makes the product dubbed “pink slime” by critics.
District Judge Dale Ruigh ruled last month that releasing the records would damage Beef Products, Inc. by revealing information about its proprietary food-processing techniques. Releasing them also would eliminate revenue that Iowa State laboratories receive from companies, who would go elsewhere for testing if they feared results were public records, he said.
“I think it’s in the best interest of the companies that do business in Iowa, the general public, and the university,” said attorney John Bickel, who represented BPI.” –  Ryan J. Fole, Huffington Post  Full text of the article here….
This is where my beef comes from!

This is where my beef comes from!

What my meat looks like when I buy it.

What my meat looks like when I buy it.

Unfortunately that isn’t even the only disturbing news in food this week. The New York Times posted a fantastic article in regards to GMOs and how the recent rider protecting them was carefully slipped into the recent funding bill.  A funding bill, that HAD to be signed!! So there was no “not signing it”, President Obama basically didn’t have a choice in the matter, because the bill was desperately needed.  Amazing how something completely unrelated to funding ended up in there and was anonymously slipped in to boot! Yep, no clue where it came from or who put it there, but it’s there, and GMOs are  protected, EVEN if they are found to be harmful! Yep, that’s no joke either!

“The rider essentially prohibits the Department of Agriculture from stopping production of any genetically engineered crop once it’s in the ground, even if there is evidence that it is harmful.” –  Mark Bittman, NY Times full text (which you need to read) here  
I have toured the facility where my beef is harvested, I have watched it grow, and I know without question what is in it!

I have toured the facility where my beef is harvested, I have watched it grow, and I know without question what is in it!

What do you think about all this…? How does this make you feel about the food being marketed and fed to you…?

grow your own

Know where your food comes from, grow your own!


2 thoughts on “Some important reading about the food in front of us

  1. This is absolutely despicable! It is SO wrong on SO many levels! First of all, we have a right to know what’s in our food and what we are eating. That’s why labeling laws were put into place…to require companies to share this with their customers. Perhaps this meat company SHOULD go out of business. The free market should determine what sells and what doesn’t sell. Once we mess with how the free market works, it is no longer truly a free market…and we are no longer able to make the right decisions for ourselves. I personally do not want someone else deciding what is OK for me to eat. I agree wholeheartedly with you on how important it is to know where one’s meat comes from…and that’s basically the reason why Jim and I started Delicious Karma. We fully vet all our meat providers on the site and we are personally so carefully where and from whom we buy our meat, seafood and even our produce. It is frightening (and terribly sad) the lengths some companies will go to protect their bottom line. We are about to start a blog on our site, and you’ve inspired me to start thinking about a similar blog for our site. Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention!

    • Exactly Michelle!! We are cut from the same cloth! lol

      It’s things like this that solidify the notion that these companies are not regulated for our benefit, but father for the benefit of the company, and usually Monsanto! The way Monsanto runs the government, the conflicts of interest so conveniently overlooked, it is alarming! And this is who we are supposed to trust?! I think not! I am really loving Delicious Karma, and everything it stands for!!!

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