A simple thought for the day.

With all the news coverage surrounding the failed gun control law, it begs the question; why can’t Americans be THIS passionate and vocal about things that matter even more? Is what we feed ourselves and our family on a daily basis not as important as gun control?  It certainly doesn’t get nearly as much media coverage; the president isn’t shaming it. Why can’t we as Americans stand up and say “It’s a shameful day in Washington”, when the Supreme Court rules in favor of Monsanto as  President Obama did in regards gun control just a few moments ago?

“I wish people would be as up in arms about the “control of special interests” and voting practices of our government when it comes to our foods as they are about Gun Control. – Burlap And Butter Knives

A beanstalk from my garden

A beanstalk from my garden

That’s all I have to sat about that.  I would love to hear your input on the matter.

– Jessica M. Berardi


One thought on “A simple thought for the day.

  1. While not at all disagreeing that people should be riled up about both, I think there’s something else more important in the comparison you’re drawing: people aren’t even actually that riled up about gun control. (I mean, the measure failed; large numbers of people are sort of generally agreeing that “something must be done” when asked, but very few are actively trying to apply any pressure at all, so does it even count?) And that’s a problem with such blunt immediacy; it’s about the literal, visible slaughter of humans every day. Knowing that, of course we can’t expect people to take action or even give a thought to something that involves things we can’t see with the naked eye, long-term effects, and shady corporate maneuvering.

    I guess my point is, the sentiment here doesn’t go nearly far enough in my view – we’re so much more fucked than that.

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