Weekend outings and garden updates

Happy Monday Morning! (or afternoon or evening by the time you read this)

In an effort to post more, I am going to start posting about the weekend happenings, garden updates, meal plans and random things I am up to. (Hopefully you enjoy hearing about my nerd life, I’m quite fond of being a self-proclaimed nerd)

This weekend I finally made the fire starters I’ve been talking about for a few weeks! It ended up being a combination of pinterest/advice from my good friend Julia’s mom. (Who I call Mama Arnouts) I have been saving dryer lint and toilet paper rolls. Yes it has been wrecking havoc on my OCD/”must always have a clean and organized home”, but I really wanted to have these for cabin time this year.   Directions are as follows:

  1. Save empty toilet paper rolls
  2. Save dryer lint
  3. Stuff lint into rolls
  4. Wrap in wax paper like a tootsie roll
  5. Save and use to start a campfire
How to make a fire starter

How to make a fire starter


In addition to the fire starters, I got a good amount of garden work done on Saturday morning.  Thus far I have planted Beets, Carrots, Lettuce, and Peas all from seed.  I am a little behind where I was at this time last year, but the weather this year has been the pits.  It started to rain so we cleaned up and headed to Goodwill.  I love Goodwill, they have all sorts of interesting finds there. I have found some great kitchen plates and servers there, I highly encourage checking out your local Goodwill/Thrift Stores.  We had dinner out Saturday night at one of my favorite restaurants, Four Brothers in Rhinebeck! Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats their Greek Salad!

Cucumber and pea trellises

Cucumber and pea trellises

I also made Lilac Lemon Thyme Sorbet with my friend Sarah. She and her sons made some lilac simple syrup, so naturally I thought it needed to be a sorbet. It was refreshing and delicious!

Not a great picture, but you get the idea

Not a great picture, but you get the idea


After that excitement it was home and time to clean the house and make dinner.  I pulled some of my homemade pesto out of the freezer, tossed it with some shell pasta and served it with delicious baked chicken breast.  It was divine, and very easy, which is perfect for Sundays!

That about sums it up!  How was your weekend?


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