Clean Your Stove Burners, No Scrubbing Involved

My stove takes a beating, a serious one.  Between canning, jamming, pickling, preserving, and all the day to day cooking, I put it through a lot!  I was on pinterest (shocker right?) and I saw a pin for easy cleaning using ammonia and I was completely intrigued, I rushed right out and bought ammonia.  4 weeks went by and I still hadn’t done it, what can I say, there has been a lot going on and the stove seems to always be in use. Finally I declared I had waited long enough, and I would take the plunge and do it! Honestly, it couldn’t be any easier, this is the best thing ever! I didn’t take a before picture and I wish I had, in fact I didn’t even think of it untill they were all wrapped up lol.

Spankin new burners!

Spankin new burners!

There are two ways you can do it. One burner at a time in a big Ziplock freezer bag, or all together in a bucket. I opted to do them all together in a bin, it just seemed easier to me.  You don’t need to cover the burners with ammonia, just use 1/4 cup per burner.

Looking pretty!

Please don’t tell Ruhlman I did this to my side towels. I swear I didn’t dry the burners on them, only placed for a photo!

You will need:

  • 1/4 Cup ammonia per burner (it’s gonna smell a little)
  • Container or large zip lock or brining bag (if using a container without a lid, you CAN wrap the container in plastic wrap, like the entire thing, and it totally works. Yes, that is what I did. I laid out a bunch of plastic wrap on the floor of my kitchen and proceeded to wrap th entire container neatly and orderly ensuring no seams were exposed.
  • A healthy dose of patience
This is what they looked like when I opened it up. Gross!!!

This is what they looked like when I opened it up. Gross!!!

This is what my bucket looked like

This is what my bucket looked like

How to do it:

  • Choose your vessel and decide whether you are cleaning the burners all together or separately
  • Add 1/4Cup ammonia per burner
  • Add Burner(s)
  • Seal and put outside or away from little people or animals
  • Wait 12-24 hours (grill food for dinner)
  • While wearing gloves, open them up, and dump the ammonia and nastiness.  It is best to do this in a tub or outside.  The ammonia will smell rather strongly, so it’s best to keep your face turned in the other direction
  • Rinse off under running water. If you see any pieces that need a little help, just rub them off with your gloved hand
  • Make sure they are rinsed really well, and then allow to dry and put back into action!
  • It’s THAT easy!
I am in LOVE with this method!

I am in LOVE with this method!

I did my burners just after breakfast on a Saturday and unearthed them just before breakfast the following day, so they sat about 24 hours, you can wait as little as 12 hours though. You can set them on top of each other, I did offset them a bit, and they were fine.  You have to give this a try!

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22 thoughts on “Clean Your Stove Burners, No Scrubbing Involved

  1. I have a glass cooktop but hoping for gas when I get my own place again, so good to know. I do know that I’ve always used ammonia for my combs and brushes. It’s potent stuff; just soak them for a bit and any hair oils disappear!

  2. This also works for the racks from the oven or yucky pots and pans–NOT CAST IRON. I put the oven racks into a large trash bag, pour in about a cup of ammonia and put on back porch, laying flat. Leave for 8-10 hours and basically hose off the burned on junk.

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