A new addition to the family and how to freshen your towels!

It seems like every weekend is busier than the last! Seriously! For two little days I sure seem to pack a lot in!  I am sorry I haven’t written. There has been A LOT going on. Father’s day, garden work, life stuffs, AND a new addition! That is right, I am an Auntie again!!! I am so very excited! (okay, I’ll chill with the !)

The corn is growing!!

The corn is growing!!

Last weekend I recreated a salad I made at the cabin the weekend before, and it came out great, I can’t wait to share the recipe with you. I also made a delicious french toast bake, it was SO good. (Also will share that recipe soon)

Exciting new salad I made!

Exciting new salad I made!

Also, Cicadas are everywhere! As in, we can’t drive with the windows down because they are flying into the car!! Gross!!!!!!

Remainder of a cicada

Remainder of a cicada

This past week we went strawberry picking, which was a lot of fun. However, challenging it might have been. 😉 Nah, really, my sister and I rocked that patch!  And last but not least, I found a way to freshen my towels.   I tossed some baking soda in with the towels (1Cup for a large load) along with my regular soap, extremely hot water and set them to the regular wash cycle then dry as normal.  Low and behold, they are like brand new!! I’m not saying they weren’t prefect….. but…. ummmm…… Someone in the house (and by someone I mean Mister C) likes to put wet towels in the hamper, and we KNOW what that does… It is more than my anal retentive heart can bear, luckily the baking soda did the trick and all is well again. I had been trying different methods for MONTHS so I am so glad to have finally found a solution!


My beautiful and fresh smelling towels

My beautiful and fresh smelling towels


2 thoughts on “A new addition to the family and how to freshen your towels!

  1. My kids used to do that too and yes, it was always baking soda to the rescue; not even bleach could freshen them like that.

    Now, regarding cicadas…how lovely to live up too high for the little buggars. But you know…you can always collect them and prepare them for dinner right? So says this article:


    Again, glad I don’t have to test that out but you never know…YOU might! 🙂

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