Turn off the movie, put down the electronics, and open a window for once!

My disdain for “life today” is no secret. I look around me and see children with absolutely no patience at all, who interrupt their parents, can’t sit still for a minute, and need a constant barrage of electronic eyeball stimulation to keep them entertained. STOP THE INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!! This is ridiculous! And we have no one to blame but ourselves. When I drive the car, I don’t actually play music, I enjoy the silence. At home when I am alone, I don’t have TV or music on, I enjoy the silence, and when I garden, I don’t wear an iPod, I enjoy the sounds of nature.  This isn’t rocket science or a new way of thinking, this is old school living at it’s finest!

We constantly wonder why our children have this crazy need to be constantly entertained??? WE did it do them!! From the moment they are born they are bombarded with sing song DVDs and in car “Baby Genius” CD’s to “entertain” them and “keep them quiet”, how about when it’s nice out we just drive the car and put the window down so they can feel a nice breeze and look out the window?  How about from the moment we bring the baby home we DON’T get in it’s face 24/7 with toys that make sounds and sing and have disco like flashing lights? How about we allow children to just be, and explore their own minds and the environment around them???  We don’t nee to give them an activity every minute of the day unless we train them into thinking they NEED it every minute of the day. Which they don’t!

If a child is born into a family, and isn’t trained into thinking it needs to watch a “movie” for a 20 minute ride to the grocery store, then the child can’t pitch a fit when it doesn’t get to watch a movie!!! And really, who needs a movie for a 20 minute ride? That is ridiculous!! We all grew up without movies in the car, and we did just fine! We played thigns like “Hangman” and count the color cars, find the staet license plate, and slapped our slap bands on our wrists, and made signs about selling out parents and then stuck them in the window. Look at us now, we are just fine!!  And what happens when the child grows up and catch watch the movie because they have to learn to drive???? What kind of monster will they turn into then?!

Now that I’ve calmed down…. what’s your thoughts on this?


2 thoughts on “Turn off the movie, put down the electronics, and open a window for once!

  1. Agreed. And my rant would go further and include adults. I’m weary of talking to someone who is only half there while they check their phone for facebook, twitter, messages or more. I find it humorous but not that with all of this connectivity people are losing the ability to connect with each other in person. I go to my daughter’s to watch a movie and she spends the evening on her laptop. No conversation, no convivial laughter at a joke we both got. It’s like being alone but worse; I think there is nothing worse than being with someone and yet feeling alone. STOP the madness!!:) Although I do like to play opera when I’m alone and sing badly along with Pavarotti.

    • Barb, and here in lies the reason we get along so well…. we think alike!!! When I go to my fathers I literally turn my phone off.
      I have been “spoken to” by my “siblings” for telling our sister to put her phone down at the table. I don’t tolerate it. I give respect, and expect it. Even in the form of communication and actually being present when with others. I won’t even get started on the people who can’t unplug in the movies!!! lol.

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