A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place, and Thanksgiving Thoughts

“A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place”, that is a mantra I have lived by my entire life. Growing up I always thought Mary Poppins was simply the bee’s knees.  She was prim, proper, composed, always knew just what to say, how to organize, how to get children to keep a tidy home and listen. She was the golden goose, everything I wanted to be.  And I was.  I grew up to be a wonderful nanny, with some of the most wonderful children in my care, and many of the families would lovingly say I was like the wonderful Miss Poppins. In my opinion that was the highest compliment. I may have moved on in life from being a nanny,  (went to culinary school and beyond) but the need for order and placement is one I have never left behind.

You might not think it by my love for pinning holiday things, but sometimes the holidays can be frustrating for me. The weeks leading up to them mean a plethora of excess in the house,gifts, foods, decorations, etc; and finding places to put all this “stuff” can be taxing. The gifts I usually put aside in the spare room where I don’t have to see it, but the food items for the big dinners, there is no avoiding seeing THAT.  The past few days I have really been struggling, my anal retentive Poppins has kicked into high gear.  I look in the kitchen, in the fridge, and I just see STUFF, and I want to tear apart the fridge and reorganize it because there  MUST be a way to make it prettier, more organized, neater, roomier, etc; except there isn’t. The fridge is stuffed to the max and there is nothing I can do about it.  I was standing there staring at it when it hit me….. WOW, that a blessing this is, how lucky we are!!! There are so many people around the country, the world, who don’t even have a fridge, let alone one so full they can’t shove anything else in it, and ours is maxed out! Our fridge is SO full we can’t fit one more thing in it. WOW, that is wonderful, I truly am blessed beyond measure.

And just like that my entire attitude and outlook changed.  I went from being upset, frustrated and irritated; to being humbled,  appreciative and thankful.  Thankful for my husband who worked all weekend, up eat day off at 3 am to be at work by 4, thankful for the food in that fridge, and the ability to get it all and still pay our bills, have a beautiful home, and love in our lives each day. Thankful for this “mess” of a spare room because we have bought so many gifts for our family and loved ones that we literally have run out of room to store it.  (In all fairness I start the holiday shopping around um, June, July, sometimes May if I see something great)

So, if you find yourself getting upset this Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas, take a moment and remember….

  • There are people with no family to sit at a table and spend time together, or argue with, or get annoyed by.
  • If Aunt Zelda makes a gross side dish, remember to look around and realize that not only did she love you enough to put her hard work and effort into it, but there is a table full of food around you, what a blessing!!!!
  • If the house gets overheated with all the hot air flying around, be thankful you have heat and a roof over your head.
  • If the plethora of gifts you are giving takes over every spare and hidden nook and cranny in your home, be thankful you are able to buy such beautiful, wonderful and special gifts for others, how fortunate you are!!
  • If you are chosing to not cook and are ordering your dinner or going out to eat, think about the sacrifice those cooks and chefs are making to make YOU a MEAL!!! They are giving up their time with their loved ones so that you can not cook for yours, THAT is luxury!!
  • If like me, you look at your fridge and want to teat the entire thing apart, stop and take a look, and realize just how blessed you are to have that overstuffed, nothing in its place, everything mixed up fridge that makes you want to tear your hair out.

AND….just to REALLY put my uncomfortable self out there… here is a picture of my “god awful” fridge. I am so embarrassed, but I am doing it anyway! Do not judge my fridge. I am using some shortcuts this year (premade pie crust, DO NOT JUDGE) simply because I am exhausted, like really tired and not feeling well. But I AM making Thanksgiving dinner!!  Also, darn tootin that’s “regular” martin’s potato bread, what else would I eat leftover sandwiches on?!?!  I eat organic yogurt, but I love my Philly cream cheese. And Chris goes through an obsene amount of half and half. BEHIND the coffee mug with Riley on the front is indeed organic juice, AND Ronnybrook Milk, as there is Ronnybrook Eggnog on the lower shelf.  And all those egg crates are full of eggs from backyard chickens!

My terrible fridge, please do not judge

My terrible fridge, please do not judge

Happy Thanksgiving, from my home to yours. 🙂


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