This and that and I miss food.

Hello there! How’s it going? How was your Thanksgiving? This here is going to be a really informal chat .  There has a noticeable lack of activity on all areas of Burlap and Butter Knives, and for that I apologize but I’m going to be brutally honest with you. Writing about food, and posting delicious pictures can be SO hard when you have no appetite and can’t keep a thing in your stomach. It is horrific.  Yes I am still putting a hot meal on the table every night, granted it is often grilled cheese (usually with some kind of tastyness/protein stuffed in for the mister, but I myself and not really eating. I am in fact usually “mourning the loss of my meal”, aka tossing my cookies.  It is the pregnancy, and I am hoping it ends soon, because this is torture.  The hubby has been so helpful and really stepped up (in addition to working from 4am till 5:30pm)  and I cannot thank him enough. I bought him two brand new video games to show my gratitude and thankfulness and he plays them while I lay on the couch usually asleep and dreaming of a day when I can eat a full meal.

I haven’t  been on pinterest, or twitter, GASP!!!! I know, its shocking. I feel like I have failed you, and I am sorry.  On the bright side, as of yesterday I started taking some meds that will hopefully help me keep food down, YAY for meds!! The dr was concerned about the baby getting all the nutrients it needs (I am taking vitamins just FYI) so as anti meds as I am, I am giving them a try.  And fingers cross, I will be back to my old self in no time! And in the meantime, I am experimenting with dinner alternatives, things I can make quick and easy and without my usual 2 hours of work.  I just found out about a new gourmet food product line called Simply Enjoy which I am definitely going to be checking out because right now, with working, growing a baby, keeping up with the home, laundry, dishes, and having limited time overall I need all the kitchen help I can get! I will be sure to report back to you on how the foods are. (I am totally going to Stop & Shop tonight and checking them out, hello Christmas shortcuts!) 

Our Seats for the show!

Our Seats for the show!


I DID go to NYC on Saturday (was sick on the tain and in a really nice store, luckily both times were in a bathroom) and I will definitely be posting pictures of that soon!! We took my sister Elizabeth to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, it has been her dream for a long time, and since this year is her 21st birthday, it just seemed like a good time! We saw the show, ate at Carnegie Deli, walked around, shopped, did not get to little italy :-(, but did have a great time and did see a wedding being photographed in Grand Central!!

Grand Central Wedding!

Grand Central Wedding!


2 thoughts on “This and that and I miss food.

  1. So sorry to hear about the tummy troubles…8-( I was soooo lucky and never had a minute of morning sickness with any of my 7 kids (including my twins). If I was a fairy godmother, I would wave my wand and make it all go away! Have you tried the saltine crackers while still flat in bed? I’ve heard they are supposed to work. So’s the Sea Band you wear on your wrist. It should be over about the time you enter your 4th month. Thinking good calm-tummy thoughts for you.

    xo Linda

    • Hi Linda!! Thank you so much! If I could give you a wand I would! I just ate a grilled cheese and I am hoping and praying it says down! lol. I tried peanut butter on multi grail bread while still in bed but the peanut butter didn’t do so well :-/ I will definitely try the sea band on my wrist!! Almost in the 4th month! Here’s hoping! Thanks so much for the kind words and thoughts! xoxo

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