How to clean inside your oven door, it’s easier than you think!

Ok here goes, I’m airing my, um, eh hem, dirty door. … A disclaimer, this mess is NOT from me, I repeat I did NOT create this filth, but I sure did clean it!




When we bought our house back in June I was APPALLED by the oven door, I’m talking straight up sickened! BUT, with unpacking, painting and getting everything in order; then going into labor 16 days after closing…. needless to say, the door didn’t get cleaned. Every day it was like nails on a chalkboard to my eyes, inside that oven door was a dark black abyss of grossness. Finally one Saturday morning I decided,  crying baby or not that door was getting done!
It was remarkably easy, which was great because I expected it to be rather hard. Here’s the lowdown.
You need:
A screwdriver or torque screwdriver.
Some powdered “Bar Keepers Friend”, it is the cheapest and hands down BEST cleaner on the market. I use it on everything!
A sponge
Dish gloves
A “cleaning toothbrush” or q tips  (for the cracks and crevices )
And some rags and a bowl of your sink for a the constant sponge rinsing.

To start:
Look at the top corner inside the door and you will see this:


That is what is holding your door together. Unscrew it using a torque bit or screwdriver, which ever bit your screw requires. Have a chair or stool handy to rest the door on once you take the screws out. If your screw is stripped you can take a pair of pliers and grip the outside of the screw and unscrew it that way.

Open the door and rest it on the stool, the inside of the door will stay up while the outside rests on the glass. Gross isn’t it?  Again, I did NOT make this grossness!


Take your sponge, get it good and soaked, and wipe everything over to make it wet (I did one door at a time)

Then cover it all with Bar Keepers Friend



As you can see I started with a scrub brush but then found the sponge worked better. Things are about to get really messy!

From there is was hard to stop and take pics, but I’ll show you some highlights. These were the qtip and cleaning toothbrush areas. To get in there I had to really work those small spots, and they needed it!


While scrubbing continually rinse your sponge, wipe the door down with the towel, rinse the towel, add more “Bar Keepers Friend”, scrub more, etc. Just keep repeating till that bad boy is clean! This took just two rounds, but your oven could take more or less.

And here is the after:


Pretty amazing isn’t it?


I chose to also clean all the side of the door with windex before closing it up. Just to make sure it was perfectly clear. Anddddd ta da!!!!

Look at her. She’s a beauty!! I might not even hold it against her that she’s electric!! 😉



A practically brand new oven door for less than 2 bucks and some elbow grease? Yes please!

And there you have it.
Rest on a chair
Scrub it all down with Bar Keepers Friend
Scrub and rinse again if needed
And you’re set!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


What do you think?

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