Tranquility essential oil

So let me start by saying I was skeptical about the effectiveness of an essential oil for anxiety and stress. Don’t get me wrong, peppermint oil is my #1 go to for headaches, muscle aches, nausea and a host of other things. But somehow, I just wasn’t sure it could work for something like stress, because I have a lot of it. Since having Vivienne things haven’t gone as planned, and all day, every I am a ball of stress. And she is too.  She has sensory processing disorder and it effects every aspect of her sweet little life.  I try and do everything I can to help her cope with things but sometimes everything I do isn’t enough. Her occupational therapist had suggested I try essential oils, as they have proven to be very helpful for a lot of children with SPD. A few days later the opportunity came up to try and review this oil and I jumped on it. I am really glad I did.


The first day I put it in the diffuser, and we all slept better than we had in a long time. I slept good, and baby girl actually went into a deep sleep, which she hadn’t been doing. I’ve now been using it in the diffuser every night and I honestly can’t say we are consistently sleeping better.

I also put it on the back of my neck, temples and behind my ears, and I do feel a “tranquility”. Today I put it on Vivienne when she started to have her morning meltdown and lo and behold. Her meltdown disappeared. It was magic.

Additionally I’ve been putting on her before bed to help bring her to a calmer place and it definitely has worked with that also. I do the same for myself and I too am also to come to a more restful place sooner.

The scent is divine, and even without all the benefits I would love it just for that lol. It smells like a beautiful spring day in an orange Grove with vanilla beans. Or as I like to call it, the scent of orange julius.  I’m not kidding.  It smells like an orange julius and that alone transports me to a simpler more peaceful time in life.

I absolutely love this essential oil, it’s amazing and I honestly don’t know how I will survive when I run out. I’ll have to order it myself lol.  You can order it here, on I really can’t say enough good things about it!

She’s napping right now, that in itself is a miracle and speaks volumes of this oil!




Disclosure, I received this oil for free to use and review with my honest opinion. I received no monetary  compensation and this review is my 100% honest opinion.



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