Body shaming is never ok, not even for Donald Trump 

This “story” keeps appearing in my news feed today. I don’t care who you support,  why is this ok? Why is it ok to make fun of someone’s body? It’s NOT!

Every day the internet is flooded with posts about how horrible body shaming is, usually in regards to women. But this, publicly shaming a man’s body, is ok? Making fun of small genitalia, robust waistlines, that’s ok? No, no its not.

This is not ok. Its not ok for anyone. Its not ok to make fun of other people’s bodies. There are humans out there who’s bodies look like this. What kind of message does it send to poke fun at this? That body shaming is ok if this is what it looks like and it is in regards to a man? Making fun of genitalia size, something people have no control over, is never ok. Again, body shaming is never ok, doesn’t matter who it is. Attack character, actions or words if you must. But don’t body shame.

 Man or woman, Republican or Democrat I think this is just is appalling behavior. Link below if you don’t know what I am referring to. This is NOT ok America.


What do you think?

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