CVS, worst pharmacy ever. 

I have to share this here, because I want to make sure that everyone knows just how crooked CVS currently is and what they are doing to their customers. This is my first hand experience of what just happened to me today at my local CVS. pardon the typing errors, I am just so upset I can barely type. I posted this to the CVS public page 

“I am beyond shocked and upset to see just how horrifically you are ripping off your customers when it comes to their medical treatment. The rule you have in place, stating that regardless of what a previous prescription was, or has been filled previously, that you will always give the patient, your customer the smallest quantity possible when medications are in a tube form,  regardless of history or copay, and then still charge the same copay for all sizes. This has to somehow be illegal, I can’t imagine that this is legal to be doing this to customers. Last week I was prescribed a topical cream for an and given 30g tube. Today I went to pick up a refill on that item and was given a 15g tube, half the size,  yet charged the same amount simply because your policy is to always give the customer the smallest amount. The doctor wrote the EXACT same prescription!!!!!!!! And yet your pharmacist decided to give me the smallest amount possible and still charge the same amount of money i paid for the larger amount. And as they explained it to me “copays are based on the kind of medication not the size of the tubes”, and so its the same price no matter what size i am given. And that size will vary based on what is on hand at any CVS at any given time. This is deeply deeply disturbing I ended up on the phone with my doctor in tears, and the practice had NO  CLUE that this is your policy for customers!!!!! My Dr, whos practice is a healthquest medical practice, is now aware of this horrible and predatory policy of yours. Because of your policy, I would have to spend $50 to get the same amount of Medicine that just a week or so ago I got for $25, all because of what you have stocked on your shelves and your policy to “give the least amount possible to customers.” And if you’re doing this to me you’re doing this to everyone. This means that any time anyone has been prescribed medicine that come in a tube form, they are being given the smallest amount possible and then charged for the standard copay for that specific item not for the size.  They pay the copay and then when then need it again, regardless of the size of the tube they receive  (which will always be the smallest possible) they have to pay the same copay even if its a smaller amount. So wheres all the money going????? I would be extremely interested to know just how many people are being suckered into this scam around the country because clearly you’re running some kind of scam and stealing the money of people who deeply need medicines. We’re not talking opiates and painkillers were talking creams, ointments,  topical creams, things that come in tubes,  things needed for infections!!! You should be ashamed of yourself. I have been a cvs customer for over 15 years, and I will never trust you to honestly fill a prescription again or that you have your customers well being as a priority.  You make me physically ill over this.  And i will do everything i can to make sure every medical practitioner and insurance company sees this and hears about what you are doing. ” 


What do you think?

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