Check out the couch!

Check out this couch from Chita Living!! I am SO in love with it, I had to show you all! This is next level adulting right here, getting a new couch! It is a new kind of couch I had never tried before, one that grows. And my “grows” I mean you can make it bigger depending on your personal family needs.


Perfect Gray Couch From Chita Living!
The new couch!

It comes in a beautiful shade of gray, so it goes with any color scheme you have at home. I originally purchased the love seat, and then I went back and bought the middle section to make it bigger. I am thrilled with my decision! The bottom cushions are so very comfortable, made from memory foam, nice and supportive. The back cushions are the “just right”amount of supportive and comfy.  It doesn’t sit right on the floor so it is easy to clean under.

Beautiful and comfortable!

Each section interlocks with brackets and a bolt in the back to keep it secure.  I am really hoping that Chita Living makes a corner piece, and then we could create a beautiful L-Shaped sectional.  I am also hoping they come out with a chaise  lounge addition for it and an ottoman with storage would be excellent also.  For now I am happy with the couch and so in love with it.  It came right to my door, and was so easy to assemble, I did it entirely myself in 10 minutes! I will keep a watch on their website and hope for more products! Check out the website for ChitaLiving here and get yours today! For a limited time, use code CHITA20OFF for 20% off your entire order, and get FREE SHIPPING!

Perfect Gray Couch From Chita Living!
Perfect Gray Couch From Chita Living!
Comfortable Gray Couch
Perfect Gray Couch From Chita Living!
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