Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for everything in and around your home!


  • If you have a carpet or even a piece of clothing, that “accidentally” got some  bleach spots on it, don’t throw it out! Use a sharpie to fill in the bleached out areas. Sharpies come in every color imaginable, you can easily find one that matches or is close enough to blend in!
  • Have a scuff or bad spot on a pair of heels or shoes, easily give it a quick dab with a matching sharpie, same as above, and instantly it is fixed!


  • When you find yourself with that one lone banana a bit too brown to eat, start a banana bag in your freezer. One by one, soon you will have enough to bake with. Brown bananas are perfect for banana bread and muffins; just defrost and use!
  • Don’t waste money on “premade” breaded chicken or fish cutlets, you can make them yourself for a lot less money, you just need to be willing to spend a little time. Bread it all at once using my 3-Step breading method, then freeze flat on a sheet pan with parchment between the layers to prevent sticking. Once the cutlets have frozen solid, throw into plastic big bags, then bake it when we want it!
  • Leftover soup broth



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