Bathroom redo with a toddler. 

It started small. I noticed a small edge of a wall where the tub corner met the wall where a tile was lose, no big deal. I took the tile off, and saw some wetness and black behind it. Hmmmmm it must just be because the tile was loose, right? Well we disliked the tile anyway, original tile from the 60s, so I’ll just take it down and sand and then repaint the walls. Easy enough.  HA! 

This is what diy home renovation looks like. Its easy, its doable, but its darn messy!!!! Enjoy these photos for now. This is a real life home renovation done myself. 

The bathroom as it was when I began.

Body shaming is never ok, not even for Donald Trump 

This “story” keeps appearing in my news feed today. I don’t care who you support,  why is this ok? Why is it ok to make fun of someone’s body? It’s NOT!

Every day the internet is flooded with posts about how horrible body shaming is, usually in regards to women. But this, publicly shaming a man’s body, is ok? Making fun of small genitalia, robust waistlines, that’s ok? No, no its not.

This is not ok. Its not ok for anyone. Its not ok to make fun of other people’s bodies. There are humans out there who’s bodies look like this. What kind of message does it send to poke fun at this? That body shaming is ok if this is what it looks like and it is in regards to a man? Making fun of genitalia size, something people have no control over, is never ok. Again, body shaming is never ok, doesn’t matter who it is. Attack character, actions or words if you must. But don’t body shame.

 Man or woman, Republican or Democrat I think this is just is appalling behavior. Link below if you don’t know what I am referring to. This is NOT ok America.

Have an itch to scratch?

Short sweet and to the point. This massager is awesome.  My husband is thrilled because he no longer has to massage the horrible knots in my back and neck. And I’m thrilled i don’t have to wait for him to be home when i have a pain in my back. And the best part of all. He always asks me to scratch his back when he has an itch. And now, he can do it himself! Yay! 

Also its great for sensory therapy for Vivienne. She puts it on her foot and pulls and it gives her that deep pressure she needs. Its perfect for everyone ! Head on over to to check it out.

Full disclosure, I received this item for free in exchange for my honest unbiased review.  These opinions here are 100% my own. And they have no medical backing, just my own.  Lol. 

How to choose a paint color

How to choose a paint color

Deciding on a paint color is no easy task. You CAN NOT simply look at a swatch and decide. Every color looks different depending on the light of your room and you surroundings. 

Here is a step by step of how to choose a color. 

1) get samples of prospective colors. Go to a local paint store and purchase samples. 

2) paint them in strips on your walls. All over your walls in many areas.  You will see how different one color can look depending on where it is. Number your cans and keep track of which color is where.

3) narrow down the choices

4) paint over the “no” colors with your pared down choices

5) confidently make your decision! For our dining room I used Ebbtide in a eggshell finish. I did this last year and i am still in love with it!

When an Italian cooks…

Hungry army looking to eat?  I am completely incapable of cooking on small portions. Luckily I figured out how to make the most of it. I make my usual amount but then I freeze it in dishes that are appropriately sized for us! Smartest thing I’ve ever done. This pretty much applies to any kind of casserole dish. Here’s some photos of how I do it when I make Mexican food!








Short, sweet and to the point. Dog issues

Our morkie riley is a monster. Since having Vivienne he’s just been one more thing I can’t handle. He is out of control with his barking. He attacks us when we leave, when we arrive, barks non-stop, he bites himself all day every day. Itches himself raw. It’s just awful. We tried 7 different bark collars and all of them just burnt his skin, talk about heart breaking! A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to try something new for free and review it, a new kind of collar called cujo control.  and it has changed our lives! It’s controlled by a remote. I can give him a tone to signal he’s earned a reward.  I can press a button and give a vibration as a warning to discourage bad behavior, and finally a “zap” button for when he needs a zap. But I control the zap level and it doesn’t just go on and on burning him like the others we tried previously. It even has smaller prongs (the first collar I’ve ever come across that has that)
I really can’t say enough awesome things about this collar.

You can find more about it here
I did receive this collar for free but this review and my opinions are entirely my own.


I love making mistakes

I love making mistakes, in cooking and baking that is. In real life not so much….

In the kitchen, when I make a mistake and then figure out where I went wrong, it allows me to learn so much more than I would have learned had I done things right the first time. It allows me to learn about the ingredients, cause and effect relationships, how to make things better the next time, how to change the recipe going forward. How to develop it, bring out the best in it, control the worst and ultimately, eventually, arrive at something delicious and beautiful.  So why can’t I apply these same ideals in life?

In day to day life, I loathe mistakes, I demand perfection.  From myself and those around me. It’s non-negotiable. Why can’t I view those mistakes the same way? As a learning opportunity? I don’t know the answer.

Maybe it’s because so often in life we never really find the “why”, the reason. And often there is no fix. The kitchen provides so much control, even in chaos and mistakes, there is always an element of control. But when life, work, and people are in the mix, control goes out the window!

Just some morning thoughts to ponder. For eternity, lol.